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Size Comparison of GLCC & Conventional Vessel Type Separators

The compact dimensions, smaller footprints and lower weight of compact separators have a significant potential for cost savings to the industry. This is especially true for deep-water offshore platforms for which production separators are usually the largest and heaviest equipment. For this application, platform space and weight-carrying capacity are very crucial. Thus, the reduction in size and weight of the compact separators is highly advantageous and can lead to considerable cost savings. A size comparison study has been conducted to aid in the decision making process of selecting an appropriate separator for a field application. They provided a comparison between the required size of the GLCC and conventional horizontal and vertical liquid-gas separators for a field operated by Chevron. The average expected flow rates in this field are qg = 70,000 Mscf/d and ql = 100,000 bbl/d at an operating pressure of 100 psig.

Size Comparison of GLCC and Conventional Vessel Type SeparatorsThe linked figure shows the schematic results of this investigation. The size comparison between conventional vessel-type horizontal and vertical separators with a GLCC separator for the above mentioned field operations reveals a significant reduction in size when a GLCC is used. The GLCC design was based on the developed simulator, while the dimensions of both conventional vessel type separators are determined by a widely available program. For this case, the required GLCC internal diameter and height/length (5 × 20 ft) are about half of the corresponding dimensions of the required conventional vertical separator (9 × 35 ft), and about a quarter of those of a conventional horizontal separator (19 × 75 ft). Translating this dimension to weight of half-loaded separators, the GLCC weight is 1/8 and 1/64 of the weights of the conventional vertical and horizontal separators.

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