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Two flow loops are currently operated by TUSTP. One is a two-phase gas-liquid loop and the other is three-phase gas/oil/water loop. Following is a brief description of both loops.

Two-Phase Flow Loop2 Phase Flow Loop

This flow loop  is an outdoor 2-inch loop operated with an air/water system. The loop flow capacity is 1500 bbl/d liquid and 250,000 scfm of gas at 120 psig. It consists of a metering section to measure the single-phase gas and liquid flow rates, and five test sections, with different compact separators, as described below.

The gas flow rate into the loop is controlled by a regulating valve and metered utilizing either a Micromotion mass flow meter or a Daniel orifice flow meter. The liquid phase is supplied from a 400-gallon storage tank at atmospheric pressure, and pumped to the liquid feeder line with a centrifugal pump. Similar to the gas phase, the liquid flow rate is controlled by a regulating valve and metered using orifice or mass flow meters. The single-phase gas and liquid streams are combined at the mixing tee. The two-phase mixture downstream of the test section is separated utilizing a conventional separator. The gas is vented to the atmosphere and the liquid is returned to the storage tank to complete the cycle.

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