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Partial Separation

A compact GLCC is often very appropriate for applications where only partial separation of gas from liquid is required. One such application is the partial separation of raw gas from high pressure wells to use for gas lift of low pressure wells.

The GLCC is a central feature in the design for raw gas lift system operated by Chevron in Okan, Nigeria. The use of GLCC eliminated gas compressors and pipelines to and from the wells. Separating a significant portion of the gas will reduce fluctuations in the liquid flow and may result in improved performance and smaller units of other downstream separation devices.

Krebs Petroleum Technologies has conducted field studies on the use of a GLCC in series with other compact separation devices such as a wellhead desanding hydrocyclone in order to reduce the required size of the desander and improve its performance.

Recently, TUSTP designed a GLCC for Arco Alaska, to be used as a gas knockout to remove partially gas from a high GOR crude oil system upstream of a multiphase flow meter. This system, which reduces the size of the multiphase meter and improves accuracy, is now under construction.

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