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Multiphase Metering Loop

In this application, the GLCC is used as an integral feature of a multiphase metering loop. This type of measurement loop configuration affords several advantages over either conventional separation with single-phase measurement or non-separating multiphase meters.

The compactness of the GLCC allows the measurement loop to weigh less, occupy less space, and maintain less hydrocarbon inventory than a conventional test separator. Furthermore, complete or even partial gas-liquid separation can improve the accuracy of each phase rate measurement in a multiphase metering system.

Chevron GLCC Metering Loop in Springer Field OklahomaAbout 80 6-inch diameter GLCC multiphase metering loops, such as the one shown in the linked figure from the Springer field of southern Oklahoma, have been installed by Chevron. This application is for an oil flow rate of 1,500 bbls per day and a GOR (gas-oil ratio) of 500. One such GLCC serves several wells simultaneously. It costs about $7,500 as compared to $25,000 for a commercially available conventional separator, for the same application.

Texaco tested the GLCC in a multiphase metering loop under field conditions at the Humble facility in Houston and installed a similar unit in the Eugene Island 354 platform.

PDVSA GLCC Metering Loop in Lake Maracaibo, VenezuelaPDVSA, Venezuela, recently commissioned a GLCC multiphase metering system on a Lake Maracaibo platform. The GLCC system, shown in the linked figure, is used to test 24 wells with flow rates ranging between 43 - 3,033 bbl/d and 683 - 4,597 Mscf/d.


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