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GLCC as a Primary Separator

GLCCs can also be used as primary full separators.

The function of GLCC as a full separator needs separate gas and liquid legs, without recombination. For such applications, liquid level control is essential for the GLCC in order to reduce or eliminate liquid carry-over into the gas stream or gas carry-under into the liquid stream.

The performance of the control system required for such application cannot be simulated directly using the existing TUSTP model. The control system simulation for this field application was carried out by analyzing the response of the liquid level for different conditions of constriction in the gas and liquid legs. This field application of GLCC as a full separator was designed for Unocal overseas. The GLCC is capable of handling liquid flow rate of 59,800 bbl/d and gas flow rate of 67,180 Mscf/d, at 600 psig. A relatively large GLCC, 26-in internal diameter and 10-ft height, is needed for this application.

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