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Tulsa University Separation Technology Projects
The University of Tulsa
600 South College Avenue
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104-3189

Director:    Dr. Ovadia Shoham   
Department:    Petroleum Engineering   
Phone:    (918) 631-3255   
Fax:    (918) 631-2059   
email:    ovadia-shoham@utulsa.edu   
Associate Director:     Dr. Ram S. Mohan
Department:    Mechanical Engineering   
Phone:    (918) 631-2075   
Fax:    (918) 631-2397   
email:    ram-mohan@utulsa.edu   
Project Coordinator:     Judy Teal
Department:    Petroleum Engineering   
Phone:    (918) 631-2048   
Fax:    (918) 631-2059   
email:    judy-teal@utulsa.edu   

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