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Ongoing Projects


  • Horizontal Pipe Separator HPS©

  • Intelligent Control of Compact Multiphase Separation System (CMSS©)

  • Development of CMSS© - Experiments and Modeling

  • CMSS© Control Strategy Testing

  • Sand Separation Studies

  • Foam Flow in GLCC©

  • Modeling and CFD Simulations of Oil-Water-Sand Dispersion Flow

  • Interfacial Phenomena in Oil-Water Dispersions

  • Development of Slug Generator

  • GLCC© Code Development

  • LLCC© Code Development

  • LLHC Code Development

  • Slug Damper SD© Code Development

  • Rheological Behavior of Oil-Water Dispersions

TU / Chevron Center of Research Excellence (TU-CoRE)

  • Dispersion Characterization Rig (DCR)

  • Foam Breaking

  • Wave Characterization

  • Differential Dielectric Sensor DDS - Experiment and Modeling

  • Fluid Shears Effect

  • Multiphase Flow Splitting

U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF)

  • CFD Simulations of CMSS© Components

OCAST (Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology)

  • Novel Gas Liquid Solid Separator for Drilling/Production