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Active Projects

Fifteen graduate students are pursuing investigations in TUSTP at this time. Following are the names of the students and their thesis or dissertation titles. Upon completion, these studies will be made available to participating member companies:
  • Jose Lopez: Falling Film and Entrainment in Vertical Pipes

  • Flavia Viana: High Pressure Entrainment-Measurement and Modeling

  • Hung Nguyen: Droplet Coalescence in Curved Pipes

  • Ran He: Pump Shear Effect on Dispersions

  • Jose Moncayo: Foam breakup in Cyclones

  • Diego Padron: Flow Splitting in Looped Lines

  • Daniel Brito: Gas Effect on DD Measurement

  • Prem Bikkina: Oil Chemistry in Emulsion Characterization

  • Yi Zhang: DCR Experiments

  • Qiaoyi Zhang: DDS FE

  • Dayle Ajmad: TBA

  • Haitham Othman: TBA

  • Roberto Ibarra: TBA

  • Oscar Bermudez: TBA

  • Jayanth Subramaniam: TBA